Sensuous Goal Refinement+Emotional Magnetizing [Danielle Laporte Burning Question]

I want my day to feel like soul electric funk

I want kissing to feel like cosmic mouth orgasms

I want my next success to feel like Mother Theresa, a fiery soul filled heart, and a priestess during a tantric ritual

I want my body to feel like a goddess warrior: strong+sexy.

I want smiling to feel like angel’s kissing on cheeks and dancing wild+free

I want my friendships to feel like “aha moment’s, mmmm so true moments, fiery, with incense, rose quartz, wine and good cheese, with a splash of Biggie”

I want my nervous system to feel like smooth and glorious nectar delivered by Aphrodite herself

I want my gigs to feel like Martin Luther King as her recited “I had a dream” … a chid free and unafraid to pick her nose in front of a a crowd, an inspired mother as she tells her story of losing her son and her ideas to stop the violence, stop the hate, and create CHANGE!

I want my neighborhood to feel like a child’s lullaby sung in spanish by a grandmother as she rocks you to sleep

I want my integrity to feel like a  pact made in a tribal circle, a promise for all the future generation. A pact of peace,love,+ unity.

I want money making to feel like a flowing river of gratitude, progression, freedom, fun. Like me discovering a secret garden filled with glowing fruit+sparkle trees.

I want my word to feel like a fusion of love, truth, laced with intuitive knowing, and strength

I want my laughter to feel silly+wild like little girls rolling on the floor laughing in pink tutu’s

I want the end of my day to feel like an alter with a peacock feather, a white candle and vanilla amber breezes

I want being of service to feel like feeding starving mouths, empowering abused women, discovering the cure for cancer

I want philanthropy to feel like a tribal indian leader serving her tribe

I want my challenges to feel like a spiritual warrior about to begin her quest to enlightenment

I want  my love to feel like a cosmic union, a perfect peace, a trustful unshakeable knowing, a free dance of harmony, friendship, reckless laughter, adventure+ mind blowing sex.

I want my writing to feel like  a threesome with Khalil Gibran, Rumi, and Anais Nin.

I want my ideas to feel like light shining through a open clear window


Waited till I saw the Sun + True love

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ~Kahlil Gibran 

Have you ever found yourself confused? lost? hurt? angry? I can bet that each of you have said yes to one of those (and if not I would say dig deeper). We as humans experience a range of emotions and some of those emotions are heavy emotions. Heavy emotions are what I call those feelings that weigh on you. Guilt, anger, resentment, sorrow. They feel heavy. Pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t feel good in your body. Light emotions are those feelings that lift you and are feelings like love, forgiveness, trust, gratitude.

Now why do these emotions matter? Because we all got them! that’s why. We can’t avoid the facts. We can’t avoid the truth of our human experience we live and we die and in between we are affected and what we choose to do with those experiences is up to us. We must be the fierce warriors that navigate our inner emotional terrains and explore what’s in there.  It’s not so easy and this game is not for the faint of heart. But I promise you one thing… those that seek and dive deep, discover treasures of the soul.

 If we forget the feelings of love, the light feelings, it becomes a more difficult task to even know that that heaviness is wrong and that you don’t deserve it. You begin to identify so much with sorrow and sadness or boredom that you forget what true happiness is like. I know this, because I too forget. I was so lost in just being loved. I didn’t give a fuck about anything I just needed a hit of love. I would treck on the train at all hours of the night to see an ex (who mind you was at one point extremely abusive) just to get a hit. I was disgusted with myself and the disgust further kept me down. I needed to see to remember the sun, the light, the love again to BELIEVE .

I waited till I saw the sun to change but once I saw a glimmer I created space in my subconscious it finally remembered there was more than the darkness that had been my life. And I worked daily to reconnecting to the sun, to the light, to love.

True love, sustainable love, is not love that is needy, controlling and selfish. True love is not love that needs love from material possession or others and hangs on for dear life. True love is within and connection to source to the divine. Cultivate true sustainable love by taking a moment to write down and be honest in all the ways you have had not true love, needy love, insecure love, etc. Then right down 1 thing you will do to connect to this true divine love be it meditation, dancing, poetry.

Post in the comments below and inspire one another.



Spirit Junkies, Inner Peace the new Manolos

Gabrielle Bernstein is like a real life downtown barbie. She is gorgeous, dresses in dope clothing and is sleek and chic. But here’s why I think she is truly gorgeous. It’s her miracle mindset that is truly sexy. She is a spiritual barbie. A woman who is grounded in this world and makes this spiritual practice approachable for our generation of women and even men.

Spirit Junkie (which can be purchased in any stores on and is now RELEASED. I had the honor of reading the book prior to its release and WOW. A powerful book detailing Gabby’s own journey from NY city party girl and drug addict to a Spirit Junkie. Transforming her fear mind to a miracle mind. She is a fierce warrior of love and she is leading the way for tons of women around the world to do the same.

The world is changing, there is a deep call to go within to have sustainable happiness which is only found on the inside. No house, shoes, man, can ever make you happy until you get this, and in Spirit Junkie Gabrielle reminds us of that using the principles from A Course in Miracles in an approachable language for our generation.


I highly recommend this book, and remember inner peace truly is where its at and in this book you have inspiration and a guide book to get you to release all the fears in the way of that inner peace and sustainable love that lives within.



Cosmic Christine

Divine Ramblings 1

I have found myself most through the fires of the dark, through the pain, through the struggle, through the tears. 


Through begging the universe WHY ME! the desperation of the pleading for love. I have found myself when on my knees at the end of the rope, I found a state of trance, a realization of the way the universe dances through pain and through struggle just as much as through pleasure and joy.In fact I found that through the pain and the blood tears shedding came the leap into the stars of joy but not before it.Selfish to just think that the universe is so simple when she is so vast and glorious in her complexities. It is alot to ask from a mere human, but that’s why I have a calling deep within  this blood to connect to the more” and the truths of the deeper realms and the unseen realms where source is limitless because it is there that we can live with the universe and not against her. Not trying to make the rules simple because we say so, we live in her world of trees and animals and stories that are mapped into the stars like your pain is mapped in your heart and your desires too. A web of depth, don’t deny it because then your spirit dies. You are alive when you open the eyes and lift the veil and see all, accept the dark and the light and dance in the ecstatic realization that all truly all pain and pleasure is bliss.
I will be write more divine ramblings… stay tuned love you all. stay true.

Dancing in the Dark

I wrote this poem inspired by a brief moment last night walking from the train to my house and thinking “Fuck! I miss when I would mess up. I miss being in that exploration mode of just messing up and finding pleasure in the darkness of being reckless, I felt so alive. I felt so me. I miss the danger the curiosity. But the light is calling me now I heard and my time is done, the lessons were learned. Though I still miss it.”  The next day my coaching client expressed the same feeling. Here is my poem and dedication to the pleasure of dancing in the dark. Hope you enjoy

Play this song before you read poem …. set your mood and go in deep explore your shadow, your dark and dance in it… Report what you find in the comments below …

Tantric Song



As the time rolls forward

I cling to dear life for it to stop
if just for a moment
for it to stop
I can revel and roll in the bliss of the pain
of the silence and the dark rain
that I feel in this moment
Some fear the abyss
I dance in it
cravings its warmth
knowing its world
of mystery intrigue
the sting is familiar to my senses
and my senses smell the amber passion oozing from the depths
of this moment
my senses sense the excitement in this moment
theres something in the danger
I crave it…
taste it.
the blood drips from the knife and in a
seductive daze, I watch peaceful
lost in the cosmos
I experience union with the divine
in this little death
in this moment I find peace
the light is chasing me though, I can’t stay for long
my heart beats
puddles form as I step forth
tears lead the way back home
yet my spirit longs for what was once found
in the pits of the shadows of the night
but for now I revel on the brink of the path between the dark and the light
in this moment


cosmic kisses,


and don’t forget to go deep and share what you learned from your darkness and exploration of your shadow…. I would love to hear. It’s in honoring our dark and our light that we come to love ourselves fully and love others fully, for our totality not just the positive shmozitive. So be real dig deep and share! xoxo

Tap into Your Cosmic Sensuality+(other juicy feelings)

We walk around life most of the time in this hustle mode mentality. We walk up brush our teeth (hopefully), take a shower, maybe grab a cup of coffee or green juice, but immedietly most people begin rushing to get somewhere to do something that takes away from the moment. The pleasures of life are often often void as people are numb to their sensations, to their senses that allow them to feel pleasure.

The senses are a kind of reason. Taste, touch and smell, hearing and seeing, are not merely a means to sensation, enjoyable or otherwise, but they are also a means to knowledge – and are, indeed, your only actual means to knowledge.

~St. Thomas Aquinas

The senses are defined as “the physiological capacities within organisms that provide inputs for perception.” But in a little bit sexier language. Senses are like a cosmic filter. That allows us to feel deeper, smell richer, taste delishier? (I like to event words sometimes) 🙂 Our senses allow us the possibilities to touch a world that usually goes unseen by us. These senses laced with present moment consciousness ie I am cool with being right here now and am not thinking about anything but being here now and just gently observed what your food tastes like as it hits your mouth, and what your skin smells like as you bring your beautiful arm to your nose, what your hands feels like as you gently massage them. Tapping into these senses is a key in tapping into your cosmic sensuality+other juicy feelings of pleasure.

Because lets be real, most of the time we rush through the pleasure and dwell in  the anxiety. So heres to taking a moment to be here now and playing with those cosmic senses. This is the art of sensuality to be here now with presence and a total catering to your senses.

Play+Explore and share what this sensuous journey feels like….and share in the comments below! I can’t wait to read and be creative the senses like that!




with Cosmic Pleasure,





When Sh*! hits the Fan+ (How to still be Fabulous)


This past year I was working on my business Sacred Space NYC, finishing my masters in mental health counseling, and connecting with like minded people to allow my business to grow and unfold and represent the best me and all of me. During this year there were many personal changes in my life. I didn’t know how to manage the transition in my personal life. All the tools, coaches, therapist, healers couldn’t get me to LET GO . I didn’t want to let go, I didn’t want to feel better. I thought  I did but the thought of truly letting go meant that I was going to have to let go of the me I had been identifying with for so long. That kind of death, I wasn’t able to handle- so I held my grip tighter.

Shit really started to hit the fan aka all go down hill. I was still managing to work hard and connect and work on my business but I was not being my fabulous self. The problem wasn’t that I wasn’t being fabulous, it was that I wasn’t accepting that I wasn’t being fabulous. I wasn’t truly allowing myself to process the change, process the transitions, process the new me emerging. I wasn’t truly accepting that this was my time to not be fabulous. I wasn’t allowing myself the space to just be okay with being a bum at home and not going out, and crying out of no where, and not feeling sexy. I didn’t own the pain as my truth- I was too busy worrying about fixing it, working through it, and worrying about when I would be over it.


The lesson I learned was that being fabulous is being real with yourself and being real in general for that matter. Being fabulous is giving yourself persmission to be where you are an explore it when you feel like it. I realized that when shit hits the fan the best thing you can do is rest. Give yourself permission to rest, to heal, to not do anything but that. It’s kind of like getting the flu, rest is the only way to cute it. Take extra care of yourself, be tender and allow yourself to be as you are. Trust the saying ” and this too shall pass”


and indeed it did and will continue to. I would love to hear about any time that your shi! hit the fan and how you took care of yourself?


cosmic blessings,


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